Lorne Shepherd

Lorne Shepherd, C.P.C

—  Founder & Presenter  —

Lorne Shepherd's ministry has been fine-tuned through years of experience in communications and family counselling. His expertise is earned both through three decades in the television industry and his interaction with people during many years of Christian youth work, teaching and counselling.

Lorne is a veteran of the broadcasting business. He entered his career through radio, spending a year in that medium before moving on to television. He worked in secular broadcasting for 24 years before moving to Christian television with 100 Huntley Street and many other Christian television programmes. Lorne's work in broadcasting earned him many awards for his programming.

While certainly a professional in the broadcasting field, Lorne moved into the area of marriage and family enrichment in the early 1990s and has been teaching and presenting seminars across Canada for many years. In addition to teaching, Lorne is also a professional Christian counsellor.

Lorne has written three books, Love Making His Way. Sex: never a four letter word and Raising Real Children in an Unreal World. His marriage seminars cover many topics necessary to healthy and vital marriages including "Getting Your Priorities Straight", "Marriage - God's Idea", "How to Love", "God's Plan for Our Sexuality", and "Communication".

Lorne and his wife, Doris, have been married over 50 years, and have 3 adult children, 9 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren.