David & Wende Butcher

—  Coaches, Trainers & Presenters  —

David and Wende share many passions - for doing life together, for their children and for seven of the most beautiful, talented and lovable grandchildren on the planet. But they are most passionate about helping couples establish, develop, strengthen and repair lifelong marriages in Canada.

David and Wende are co-directors of Heart to Heart Marriage and Family Institute. David is a Board Certified Advanced Christian Life Coach and has a background in Not-For-Profit Development; Wende holds a BA (Hons) and a B Ed from Queens University in Kingston, ON and has recently retired from her position as a Teacher/Librarian to focus on training and equipping people for marriage ministry.

With almost 42 years of marriage and many life experiences, they bring to marriage mentor training and marriage education a wealth of experience and knowledge coupled with a sense of humor, transparency and a genuine desire to see couples' relationships strengthened and repaired. Their goal is to see the divorce rate reduced in churches and communities across Canada through training and equipping marriage mentors and helping churches establish effective, ongoing homegrown marriage ministry.

David and Wende have a keen desire to follow the passion God has given them to see new marriages built on a strong foundation with the assistance of a mentoring program, to see struggling marriages strengthened and restored and to see families reinstated so their children once again have the security and assurance that they will not have to fear what tomorrow may bring. It is their belief that a healthy family unit builds a strong foundation for future generations to enjoy.

The new vision for Heart to Heart Marriage and Family Institute was born out of an organization founded by Rev. Lorne Shepherd in the early 1990s. In the summer of 2008, David and Wende entered into discussion with Lorne about his organization, Heart to Heart Family Ministries, and the decision was reached that David and Wende would blend the existing organization with their new expanded vision. The result is a new era for Heart to Heart Marriage and Family Institute, which exists to invest in the establishment, improvement, and strengthening of lifelong marriages.

Heart to Heart Marriage and Family Institute conducts marriage mentor training and marriage preparation and enrichment seminars in church congregations and provides a host of online services that enhance and support marriages. These services include access to professional counselling, a regular blog and a retail store all dedicated to the improvement and support of marriages.